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Parent Successes:

Mrs. Patt,

I wanted to let you know what a difference your tutoring has done for L. Her confidence in reading has gone up so much that now she is willing to try bigger books and is excited about it. Her outlook in learning has shifted and it is so nice to see her finally getting excited about school. I'm grateful to have found you and I know L looks forward to her time with you.

Thank you,

The H family

Dear Miss Patt,

What a blessing you are in assistance with homework for our son these past 2 years! At home, he and I used to struggle to do homework together and there often were tantrums. With you, he gets his work done and then we can enjoy the rest of our day without this stress. Thank you for all that you have done to support our son!

Best, KM


I highly recommend Patt Condiotti's tutoring services. For the past two years, I have taken my now 8 year old son to Mrs. Patt for weekly sessions and find the gentle style and patience of Patt and Courtney are motivators for Sam and helped him in our goal to work to sustain grade level reading and writing. Sam likes the snack choice he gets to make at the end of the session and the ability to earn prizes for his efforts. Sometimes he works one on one and sometimes part of a session is with another child which helps increase his comfort to read out loud in front of his peers. TB

Mrs. Patt;

My son John came to you unable to read and hating himself for it. With your TLC and care he came to love reading and feel competent doing it. He feels he never would have learned to read without your help and caring.

Thank you,EC

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