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Helping a Child To Be the Best They Can Be

              Well, here's to a New Year! We all have many things to be thankful for, one of the most important being our children! I personally have two amazing daughters and 3 "oh so great" granddaughters who I love to the moon and back! I wish for them all good things and do my best to guide them when they need my help! Pretty mushy right, but the truth!
           I was fortunate enough to go and listen to a good friend  of mine give a talk last night about the New Year and how we can all make the upcoming one better than the last. As you all know my passion in this world is children and helping them be all that they can be, sometimes despite other outside influences telling them otherwise. I have seen many miracles in my lifetime regarding changes in children and students that were "impossible" according to traditional education. I am in process of sharing some of these miracles in my upcoming book. I will writing short excerpts to share that I hope will be of help with possible challenges you may have in your child's life, whether in education or just in general with their journey!
          I just remembered an incredible story of a student that came to the school I worked at several years ago. Her parent was an educated woman who needed help with her daughter and her education. This woman worked at a very well known learning center, very well known, and they had been unable to help her daughter learn. We helped access her and her needs and starting working with her. She had been pushed through the system and was very behind on her basics.
          Our first goal was to get her comfortable in her new surroundings. This happened very quickly as this school was based on individual needs and great love and patience. In some of my earlier writings, I speak about creative learning. It is the job of the teacher or tutor to find and use a way of learning that works for the child, which may not be the standard way of teaching, but is effective for that child. We started her education at the point where she had last felt good about learning. Math was our first subject to rehabilitate for her. One very successful tool that can be used to help with math is using lots and lots of things to show the student how to do the problem. Blocks, drawings, pieces of anything can be used. I have used fake money pieces, like you would find in a casino to assist in counting and learning. We used these over and over again, until concepts became second nature. Drilling done in a fun way can help crack most learning situations. Soon she progressed in her math and started blossoming as a person. Her self confidence grew and grew. We discovered she was an incredible artist also. We nurtured her artistic abilities along with her education. She did better and better. We went on to assist in reading and other subjects. She came "Out of her shell", so to speak and turned into a beautiful butterfly!  

         I am still in contact with this young woman who is about 24 years old now. She has transformed into a self confident, talented artist and found her place in the world.

         The moral of the story - Each child can learn, but sometimes the teacher or tutor needs to help them find the correct way to do that. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping a student achieve their goals and watch them transform into a happy student.

          I hope you enjoy my student successes as much as I do!
I would love to hear from you with questions, concerns, or any area that I might be able to help with. I would love requests on subjects to write about! As I have said, I am in process of writing a book and will be sending out short excerpts from the book to hopefully assist with some of your challenges in educating your children. This will be a different year, as many of you will we challenged with decisions regarding immunizations. Some will choose homeschooling. Some will be able to take advantage of grandfathering in their children. (I have a Blog written on that subject if more information is needed). I can be emailed at the address below.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti
Mrs. Patt's Tutoring


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I have also learned a lot about it as some parents come to me seeking advice. I shared what you said on the blog and the parents are really happy to have made the right choice.
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I have also learned a lot about it as some parents come to me seeking advice. I shared what you said in the blog and the parents are really happy to have made the right choice.
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