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Want to Learn About Natural Ways to Lessen any Allergic Reactions to Vaccines?

                    Good afternoon! Hope everyone is enjoying their day! I finally found some quiet time to write and wanted to share with you what kind of a couple of weeks I just had!

                    It all started last Wednesday evening. I wasn't feeling so great, and had a bit of swelling behind my right ear. I am basically a pretty healthy person, but at this point felt like I had a bit of the flu or something. The next morning, more swelling and my heart was beating very fast. Something was up!
I made an appointment to see my Nutritionist to see what was actually going on. He checked me, and told me that I had a bacterial infection and give me some supplements to take. I took them and was shocked to see what had occurred overnight. The redness and inflammation was now moving up the side of my face to my eye and my skin was very hot and my eye and face were swollen. This continued to happen, with the extreme inflammation and very red skin continuing to move to the other eye and to the other cheek. Now, both eyes were swollen! Well,
back to my doctor I went because this was not improving. I had rethought about how this had all started and remembered that I had worn some new earrings and that by the end of the day, my ears were red and puffy. I asked the doctor to check me for metal toxins, or in my case it seemed like metal poisoning for me. Well, that was the ticket! He gave me some supplements for clearing out the metals, I think nickel in my case. Nickel is used in many earrings. Slowing the swelling went down and the skin was less red, but ever so itchy. I had small blisters from the intensity of the metal inside of me. Well, long story short, I am a little over two weeks from start of this nightmare, and have a bit of residual skin itching and such that is slowly repairing, but I am infinitely grateful to my doctor for finding out WHAT was really going on.

          What is the point of all this? Well, for one, many of you out there have daughters who LOVE to wear jewelry. Please make sure that the jewelry doesn't contain nickel if they have any the
symptoms mentioned above. More importantly than that, even though that is super important, I want you to think about what reactions your children could experience from getting their vaccinations? If by change, they are allergic to one or more of the ingredients in the vaccines, will you know? Many of my students come to tutoring after their vaccines and have fevers, or coughs, or cold symptoms.

        Did you know that there are natural ways to detox your child after their shots, if by chance they have an allergic reaction to something? Regardless of what your personal stand is on vaccines, any rational person cannot deny that the ingredients  in vaccines are toxic.

         I wanted to share with you, just one of the very simple ways that you can reduce any negative effects of the vaccines.
Sucrose, fructose and dextrose are 3 sugars that are found in vaccines. Well, that doesn't sound so bad, right? Sugars suppress the immune system. Sugar feeds viruses and bacteria. These sugars travel through the bloodstream to whatever infection can be fed. Want to know a simple fix for this, garlic, oil
of oregano, echinacea and goldenseal to name a few. These supplements, especially when used in conjunction with one another, can help to purify the blood and remove toxins and help
work toward repairing the immune system. What happens, the immune system is NOT more compromised by the sugars in the vaccines! Yeah!!!

       Well, I hope that helps a bit! I am planning on doing a small series of BLOGS on other ways to help before and after vaccines. I would LOVE to hear from you with questions or comment on my subjects.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti


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