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Facts You May or MayNot Know About Common Core!

           We are now 2 years or more into Common Core in most states. We have early results of the testing done last summer. It is less than hoped for by educators and parents. If you want to find current information on Common Core, there is plenty out there. There are many opinions on the new curriculum.

           Common Core was created by the National Governors Association and the Counsel of Chief State Schools Officers, these groups do not represent states. It is necessary to establish that Common Core is largely imposed by the Federal  government. It is considered by most a one-size-fits all regime. We must always remember that all our children are unique, with different talents and different rates of learning. In Common Core, largely, all children are moved in lock-step, processing them all as if they are all the same. "The whole idea of Common Core was to bring students and schools under a common definition of what success is," quoted Tom Loveless, a senior fellow at the
Brookings Institute.

       For those of you who aren't familiar with the new testing on the Common Core materials, it is done on a tablet or computer. Instead of giving a selection of answers to choose, students must show how they got their answers. If they answer correctly, their next question is harder, if incorrectly, they receive an easier question.

         Even when the results are available, it will not be possible to compare student performance across a majority of states, which was one of Common Core's fundamental goals. Unfortunately, there were technical glitches with the testing and some states that opted out of the testing, which has defeated the purpose of comparing learning and students.
            I received a call from a distraught parent of a 6 year old
yesterday. Her son was a great reader, but was having trouble with the Common Core math. He had been taught adding and subtracting by his parents and was quite good at both of these,
but was suffering because he couldn't grasp the new math.
Any of you familiar with a Five Frame, or a Ten Frame? Its a tool that is used to teach math in Common Core. Some of the problems that the kindergarten children do involve 2 and 3 steps to get an answer. Kindergarten???  His teacher had recommended a tutor for this child as she said that he was having trouble understanding the teacher's instruction, verbally, and was unable to understand and do all the steps of the problem. By the way, this child goes to a private school. This type of learning or presenting the information is called Lecture
Mode. This seems like a one way type of learning to me. Well,
more on this another day!

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With Love,
Patt Condiotti

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