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Need Help Finding a Good Homeschool and Getting Started?

        I know that some of you parents out there are contemplating using homeschooling this year or next, due to the laws in place regarding mandatory vaccinations. It is a huge decision, I know. There are many logistics to handle. I think one of the main ones is what homeschool to chose. I have done some research on a few of the schools and there seem to be a few good ones. Some of them are all FREE and some of them have a small monthly fee.
         I have looked at one called ACELLUS ACADEMY. It is an accredited school. It is also a self-paced learning set up. That is great as it allows the student to work on a lesson or concept until they understand it. They also have live monitoring which means that you can watch your student's progress in real-time from any mobile device or computer. One of the worries of parents is recordkeeping. They have automatic record keeping. They compile scores, progress. and hours worked into printable reports. This program uses a system that allows them to cater to the
individual skill set of each student through customized personal instruction. For example, if your student is great in reading and ahead of his reading level, but lacking in math and needing some catchup, they can address this and fill in the gaps that that student needs to get back on track. Courses are taught in tiered video instruction, each is an individual concept. I believe this program has a monthly fee of $29.95, but that includes all books and such.
        I recommend that you find some friends, make a small group of homeschoolers and discuss what program you would all like to use. This way the job of being the person overseeing the work will be easier, as the formats in general will be the same. Many of you are working parents and can't take on 5 days of homeschooling your child. In this manner, a group could be formed and parents could take turns. That would also be great for the students, as they would have a new group of friends established with a common goal. If wanted, you can always use a tutor also to help out. Once or twice a week, the group could meet with a tutor or two, depending on the size of the group, and both student and parent can get some much needed space and time away from the day to day schedule. It really is the best of both worlds, as students get to interact with others in a different setting and parents get to spend time on other things. It is a win, win!
       I know that in my tutoring company we are gearing up for this change in education. As an example, we will be setting up groups of students, 4-8 or so, in a mini- classroom setting and helping them with their homeschool programs. We will have a lessened hourly fee to help
parents afford needed help. I am fortunate to already have a home set up that will easily accomplish that scenario.
       In case any of you haven't read any of my other BLOGS, please know that you can extend your time regarding mandatory vaccines, in public school, by making sure that you have a Personal Belief Form in the office at your school. This form allows you to be grandfathered into
the system, delaying checkpoints for your student. This form MUST be in by Jan.1st, 2016 to be effective.
Grandfathering means that for example: Your child is in 1st grade, and he or she stays in the same school, he or she will not be checked for immunizations until they are entering 7th grade. Kindergarten and 7th grade are the checkpoints. If you have a kindergarten that started school this year, and you want a choice regarding immunizations, fill out a personal belief form. You also will be protected until 7th grade. If your sweetheart is starting kindergarten next September, and the law is still in effect, you can homeschool, or there is another alternative that you can choose that allows you to lessen the amount of vaccines or spread them out. I have gone over this option in my BLOG on vaccinations. There is much more information in that BLOG on choices.
       I would love to hear from any of you out there with questions. I know that my readers are spread across the world and I would love to hear from some of you. My family is a EDUCATION family. My daughters and myself are all educators and we love what we do!  Please feel free to contact me!

With Love,
Patt Condiotti

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best on Friday, February 15, 2019 9:51 PM
Acellus Academy is the best academy among the all in which I have ever studied. They allow every student to work on a lesson until they fully understand it and this quality makes them unique and perfect.
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