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Simple Instructions for a Homeschooling Mom or Dad

              I am sure that there are many of you out there who really want to be a homeschool mom or dad, for many personal reasons. Scary right,
being responsible for your child's education or that of a fellow homeschooler's child. My hope is that we can dissipate some of those
fears or worries for you.

             First of all, let's look at some of the qualities of a good teacher. They are patient, caring, knowledgeable and wanting to teach children to think for themselves. They teach with love and positive reinforcement.
Perfect? No. Knows all there is to know? No. Remember a favorite teacher you had and describe him or her. Mine was loving, firm, validating, and always wanting me to reach just out of my comfort zone.
Yes, she made me angry sometimes, but she taught me well and helped me do things I thought I couldn't do! Notice how loving and caring come up a lot in the descriptions?

            Okay, so take a look. You have got the love and caring down.
That is the most important thing! Children thrive on love and care and
validation!!! Remember a time you did an especially good job at some-thing and your mom or dad or aunt or uncle or teacher told you that they were so proud of you. You had done an incredibe job!!!! That felt great, right! I have worked with students for a long time and have had the pleasure of seeing many breakthroughs, so to speak. Honestly, it brings tears to my eyes to remember some of them. The pride and self confidence that they felt was so amazing! I was witness to them breaking through their barriers. Their self confidence went out the roof!
Their faces would light up the room!

        So let's imagine that you have just opened all your homeschooling materials, just a bit nervous, and you start planning out your child's or your group's assignments. Not so hard. Remember, you are not supposed to know everything. Should I set out some guidelines for the
students? Here's a few ideas:

          I  recommend that you form a group of a few students if possible. They can be different grades. I also recommend that you share the duties of the "teacher" if possible. A set of guidelines for the students is helpful. Things like, we will begin our work at 10:00 and break at 12:00, whatever your schedule will be. Also, any mom or dad or friend that is the "teacher" needs to request proper respect and a good attitude from the

         If  you come across something you don't understand, go check it out. Don't feel that you should know it all. One area that might be challenging is math, or writing. When you put your "teacher" group together, find the strengths that each one has. If there is a subject that no one feels comfortable in, either have one person learn it and master it, or get help from a tutor. If affordable, it is best to have a tutor or two who can assist a couple of hours a week. It gives the "teachers" a break, and it gives the students a change of environment. Good for all.
        As a tutor myself, my plan is to set up groups of 4 or 6 and run a tiny classroom. It will be structured, but fun. I always do targets for the students and rewards for production.

         Well, hope that lessens some of those fears. Please email me or call me with questions. We all have the same goal, happy, healthy, intelligent children.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti

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