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Mrs. Patt's Tutoring May Newsletter

                Mrs. Patt'sTutoring Newsletter

    Welcome to Pattschats! I will be sending out a newsletter
each month with interesting information regarding children. I will be
discussing many subjects, and also having other professionals chat.
If you like what you read, go to my website and leave me your email
address, on my CONTACT US page, and I will send out a free monthly


         Let's start with ADD and ADHD. Did you know that there are
learning drills to help?  There are drills and light repetitive processes
that can assist these situations. For example, we do a game here,
at my tutoring center, that requires the student to repeat a sentence that I say exactly, and then, I must repeat the sentence that the student says
exactly. Sounds too simple, right! You would be amazed at how this
drilling helps center students and allows them to concentrate on their
work. Another drill we do here is to help the student get better focus and concentration by looking at objects in the room. Again, very simple to do, but powerful! It helps the student to put his or her attention outward and on one thing at a time. This drill helps students to be more awake and clear headed. I used these drills and others every morning in my classes. They work miracles!! Students love these drills!

      Adding support from another side, did you know that ADD  and ADHD can be aided by changes in diet. Some children have sensitivity
to gluten, a substance found in grains. Milk and milk products are also
a huge source of allergies for children, which can contribute to the symptoms of ADD. and ADHD. Of course, sugar and food additives are also triggers for many children. I had a student once who went a little
crazy after drinking a packaged drink with blue dye in it.


     Want to increase your child's reading comprehension? When your child is reading, always make sure that he or she understands the meanings of ALL the words in the material they are reading. Also,
whenever possible, show them pictures of objects that they are
reading about. It is amazing! The level of retention regarding this
material will go up tremendously!  Not only will their comprehension
go up, but their vocabulary and reading levels will climb.
      The next time your child is reading out loud to you, do a quick check
 of the some of the words you feel may be unknown to him or her. Help them with the meanings and chat about the materials. You will see
your child's understanding and confidence skyrocketing!!


      We all want the very best for our children. We want them to be
healthy and happy and confident. I want to recommend a holistic
doctor, Dr. Marcus Ettinger, who is very competent in helping adults
and children with their health needs. Please feel free to check out
his website, I personally have used him
for years. He is affordable and very caring. He is a chiropractor and a
holistic doctor practicing for over 20 years. He has had great success
with children and learning behaviors and other ailments.
      Here's a tidbit from Dr. Ettinger's website on asthma.  Use omega 3
fatty acids in the diet, such as fish or fish oil supplements, and also 
Vitamin C, which helps reduce allergic reactions and wheezing symptoms. He is located in Orange, Ca., but he can do phone
consultations also!


        Many parents out there, are struggling with the question of
homeschooling, or, do I have my child receive vaccinations to attend
school? How in the world could I homeschool my child when I work
full time?  I do understand the dilemma. There are people working on
reversing the law regarding vaccinations. They are working to put it on
the ballot for vote in November 2016. Unfortunately, the law states that
as of July 2016, vaccinations will be needed to enter public school in
Sept. 2016. We do have time to wait a bit on a decision, but the change
will come upon us soon. Each parent has their own thoughts regarding
this situation. The bottom line is and always will be, the well being of our
children and the upcoming generation.
      I am offering support if I can give it, answer questions if I can, and help to lessen some of the fears of homeschooling, if there are any.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, or
requests for topics to be talked about. My tutoring group is staffed by
my daughters and myself, and we are all mothers, or very soon to be mothers, (3rd grandbaby to be born in September), and it is our passion to educate and safeguard the future of all children.

     I can be reached at or

With love,

Patt Condiotti

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sagf on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 12:24 AM
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Tutoring newsletter is now here. I said that i want to share that newsletter with you because i never handle that news. And that is the reason i want to share that newsletter with you so careful because that is may be not good for you.
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