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Homeschooling Solutions!!!!!

      Some of us are facing some difficult decisions regarding our
children's future safety and education.

      If you feel that homeschooling is your option, please know that
there are ways that you smoothly transition into this new style of

      First you will need to pick your homeschooling school. There are
ones offered by the school system and have no cost to you. There
are others with a bit more freedoms, but have minimal costs. Most of us cannot stay home for all the time that is needed to do this honorable
 job, so other options need to be looked at. As one option, I would
recommend that if you have some friends or neighbors who are
choosing to start homeschooling also, that you jointly decide to pick
a homeschool program. That would be of great help if you all decide to
form a co-op of sorts to school a few children in a group setting. This
can be done with students of similar age or even varied ages as all
students will have their own curriculum. It can also function with pre-
schoolers. You can make a small group 3 to 4 in a group and set up
a make shift preschool environment. I know that many of you moms
or dads, have jobs and need and want to keep them. That's where
this idea comes in. Maybe there are a couple of moms who work
part- part time or some who have the option to stay at home or some
who have regular days off, who could be the tutor of the day for the
group. Homeschooling can be a more condensed type of learning.

     To some of you, I'm sure you are scared of this whole idea and
think that there is no way that you can accomplish all this. You can!
Did you know, that when you have a homeschooler, you can easily
get some help from the company that you signed with and also if
wanted can get some outside tutoring assistance. I'm sure that as time
goes on, small tutor groups will be set up to help homeschooling parents.
I currently do that and am happy to answer any questions. It can be a
very affordable way to get help and relieve some of the stress of the
new education lifestyle. It is very beneficial to parents and students as
it gives mom or dad a breather, but also helps the student enjoy a
group work space, even if only a few hours a week. In my experience,
it is a great outlet and creates a new environment to study and have
some fun with other homeschoolers. The group can be his regular
group or a new group formed with a local tutor.

     As regards to thinking that you need special training to do this,
or you feel that you do not have the patience or know how, that all can
be handled also. If really needed, training can be gotten by the parents to
make them feel efficient and confident.

     Please write to me and ask me any questions or ask me to write
about any of your concerns. I am happy to help. There is nothing more
important than our children and their future.

With Love,
Patt Condiotti




5 Comments to Homeschooling Solutions!!!!!:

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assiewriter on Monday, September 25, 2017 5:48 AM
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