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What Happens Next Summer when the Vaccine Law Goes into Effect?

       We all have watched the news, and have seen the opinions on the new vaccination laws. There are many viewpoints, from feeling that they are safe and necessary for our children, to they are not safe and I do not choose to have my child receive them.
      If you are the later, your options are homeschooling, or taking your child to a medical doctor to have some testing done, to see if he or she is one of those children who most definitely
will have a bad reaction to the shots due to allergic reactions. You can also see your doctor if there is a family history of certain body conditions. This could be asthma, or immune diseases, and in that case, the medical doctor can suggest that this student may have a higher risk if vaccines are given and advise
against them.

     If your child has an IP program in place at school, he or she has a pass regarding the new laws. These children will be allowed to obtain special education services regardless of whether the child is vaccinated or not.

     For now, and until the law takes effect, July 2106, if you feel that you don't want your child to receive shots at this time, you need to have a Personal Belief document on file at the school your student attends. This needs to be done by
Jan 1, 2016. Children who hold a Personal Belief Exemption
before Jan 1st, 2106 are grandfathered into the system.
The new law does not apply to them until they reach their next vaccination checkpoint - either kindergarten or 7th grade. That is the definition of grandfathering into the system.

    Many children that are now in the public school system will be
grandfathered into the system. The only checkpoint for them will be 7th grade. This checkpoint is a  point in education where immunizations are checked, proof of past records. The law will not apply to them until 7th grade. Also, children going into 1st grade, will be grandfathered in and will not be affected by the law until they reach 7th grade.
     When the law goes into effect, schools will begin doing regular checks for up to date  immunization records. There is a list of vaccines that the law requires children to receive. It is a smaller list than the regular vaccine program we now have.
      The required list contains 10 diseases for them to be immunized against. They include" diphtheria, influenza type B
(bacterial meningitis), measles, mumps, pertussis (whooping cough, polio, rubella, tetanus, hepatitis B and chicken pox. 
     This law will most affect kindergartens who begin school in  August or Sept 2016, and preschoolers who begin preschool in July 2016. Also 7th graders will be scrutinized
      The law reads that private or public child care centers, preschoolers, elementary schools and secondary schools cannot admit children unless they are immunized against the
10 diseases mentioned earlier.
       There is a provision in the law that states that kindergarteners can enroll "conditionally" if they are not fully
immunized. School districts have their own tracking system to
 follow up and  check future immunizations.
       If you are one of those people who do not want your child to receive vaccines, for whatever reason, homeschooling and
independent study is one of your options.
       You can pick from 4 legal ways to educate your child.
       You can establish your own private home school by filling out a private school affidavit. Parents can collaborate with other homeschools.You are required to teach California mandated subject areas, but have latitude as to when and how such
subjects are taught.
      The second is to join another private home school and become a "satellite" home school.
       Third, parents can enroll in a district or charter public school that offers independent study. The student receives assignments
from a teacher, but fulfills most of the work independently.
       Fourth, an option is to be homeschooled by hiring a credentialed tutor.
       Of course, there are other variations of this that can be done to accommodate the education of your children and other children. This may all seem somewhat over whelming. I have
assisted other moms and dads to help deliver homeschooling
programs. It is not as hard as you may think.
      Please contact me with any questions or concerns, or topics of interest.
      I can be reached at

With Love,
Patt Condiotti


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